Bethells Beanz produced Sustainably with Solar

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We dive into the modern era and discover what sustainability looks like for a business established from home. 

Peter and Peroesjka, the owners of Bethells Beanz reached out to our team to explore their solar optionsTheir speciality is in roasting high quality, fair trade organic coffee on their property, located in Bethells Beach 

With a huge focus on playing their part to sustain New Zealand’s natural environment, Peter and Peroesjka have turned up the notch with improving their step-by-step processes, both at home and in their business. They decided that our solar solutions were the next project to making a difference.

“Solar is a logical choice for us to be more sustainable, both for our family and Bethells Beanz. It means we are more independent from the grid. We have had the occasional outages here because we live in a rural area. And now when it happens, our roaster can continue to function.”

Following some detailed discussions with our team, we established the best-fit system for their unique situation, which included a hand-full of considerations such as their energy patterns and consumptions. Our Solar Group team then installed 20 solar panels at 6.7kW and a Smile5 5.7kWh battery system.

“We use organic beans to reduce waste, and now we can add renewable energy. There is a lot of electrical activity that we use during the roasting or computer work. So now we can use the solar panels for that”.

Now that Peter and Peroesjka‘s system has been operating for six months, our team paid a visit to check-in on the progress. As expected, the Bethells Beanz crew are loving the benefits of reduced power bills and sustainable business operations for a cleaner New Zealand- just how we like it!


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