Premium Solar Storage Options by SolarTech

Do you manage your critical loads in a power outage?
Do you worry about Black Outs or losing power?
Do you want to achieve energy independence?

Learn how SolarTech can give you peace of mind knowing your home or business is energy independent with premium solar storage by SolarTech installed.

SolarTech has been in business for over 20 years focused on bringing premium solar to our customers.  We offer a high-quality line up of Solar, Solar Storage, Solar Pool Heating and Roofing options.  Customers have learned that SolarTech offers a unique difference, one-stop shopping for saving money, best warranty and one quality installer for all your Solar projects.  SolarTech is a SunPower Master Dealer, meaning we are trusted by our Solar panel manufacturer and we are trained in high quality installs.  Further our expansion into Solar Storage allows customers the option to pair premium storage with solar for the ultimate in energy independence and money savings.

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SolarTech Solar Storage Offering:

SunPower SunVault 13 & SunPower SunVault 26:
In 2019 SunPower introduced an All-In-One Solar + Storage solution – SunVault.  One app can provide critical data on all the parts produced by SunPower and one warranty to back it up.  SunPower is the leading solar panel manufacturer, customers experience more peace of mind choosing one installer for all their home improvement projects.

NeoVolta 14 & NeoVolta 24:
NeoVolta fits the lifestyles of our customers how ever they choose to set up their storage solutions, this battery can handle the day-to-day peak load offsetting or whole home back up.  NeoVolta is a powerhouse storage solution with a great price.

Tesla PowerWall:
Founded in 2016, Tesla customers are devoted to the brand.  The PowerWall Storage solution offers a lot of flexibility, it can be paired with most solar arrays.

NeoVolta Storage

SunPower SunVault Storage

Tesla PowerWall Storage

All of the solar storage options that SolarTech offers will work during a black out or as full home back up. By identifying the critical loads, customers can rest easy knowing their home or businesses are still powered during a power outage.

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What To Consider When Adding Solar Storage?

Power Rating – how many appliances your battery can power at once and what they are.

Usable Storage Capacity – how long your battery can power parts of your home.

Roundtrip Efficiency – how much electricity you get out for how much you put in.

Battery Lifetime: Throughput and Cycles – how many times you can charge and discharge. How much electricity you can move through the battery over its lifetime.

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