Tunisia’s 70 MW PV tender attracts lowest bid of €0.035/kWh

The Tunisian authorities will review 57 project proposals in the country’s latest solar tender, which will facilitate the construction of six PV plants with installed capacities of 10 MW each, as well as 10 smaller solar arrays.

Tunisia’s Ministry of Energy, Mines and Renewable Energies has received 57 project proposals for its fifth tender to develop and build solar power plants up to 10 MW in size.

The announcement, which was related to a procurement process launched in January, was made by Belhassen Chiboud, the head of the ministry’s energy program.

Tunisia continues to attract renewable energy investments with 40 applications filed for 1 MW projects and 17 for 10 MW projects,” he said, adding that the prices for the 10 MW projects are between €35/MWh and €37/MWh.

The government did not disclose any other details about the procurement exercise. The final results will be announced at a later date. The selected projects will sell electricity to state-owned utility STEG under long-term power purchase agreements.

By comparison, in Tunisia’s third tender, the final bids fell in the €0.0387/kWh range.

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